Fieldrunners 2
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Fieldrunners 2 is a mix of strategy, action, puzzle and tower defense game.

The world needs your protection. Are you ready to defend it?

Fieldrunners 2 is a blend of strategy, action, defense and puzzle games. The goal of the game is to defend our world from enemies. To achieve this task, you need to build defenses, use the deadliest weapons and heroes along with the explosives and airstrikes. Waves of enemies will be attacking to our world, but, you are so lucky that you have your arsenal fully loaded with the high-edge weapon technology.


  • Over 20 hours of playing with tons of levels
  • 20 unique weapons that can be upgraded
  • Dig trenches, build bridges and carve tunnels to hunt down enemies
  • Towers with distinctive attack mechanisms
  • Dynamic, realistic and striking gameplay features
  • Summon air strikes, deploy mines and choose your attack forces from the deadliest range of items.