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  • License Free
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  • Categories Productivity
  • Supported os versions Android 2.3 / Android 4.0 / Android 4.2 / Android 4.3
  • Developer Latedroid

JuiceDefender is created to save battery life of Android devices.

It is out of question that today's smartphones have fantastic feature and the way they look is amazing. However, they are tend to consume more energy than conventional cellular phones that we used to use a decade ago.

JuiceDefender is one of the most effective battery savers on the market. It does its job efficiently and saves your battery remarkably. It is capable of switching off unnecessary apps and functions, draining your battery at the background.

As you know, GPS, 3G and Wi-Fi connections consume batter more than any function or app on your device. JuiceDefender will switch off these function automatically, as it

detects that they are not necessary for the time being. Thus, a dramatic amount of battery will be saved for other purposes.

JuiceDefender allows users to select one of the presets if they don't want to dig into advanced and complicated settings. Anyway, it is possible to make your own configuration as well as choosing a preset.

You will be informed by a widget, which indicates that you are saving 50% more energy than before.