Kings & Cannon
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Kings & Cannon is a new breath for the throwing games in the markets.

Kings & Cannon is a new throwing game like Angry Birds but a distinctive and much more entertaining one that you can download and play on your Android mobile phones and tablets. There are some blockheads that you need to knock down.

If you are bored of Angry Birds and other similar games, you should try this familiar but different throwing game. You will have quite a blast with this game because it has 3D graphics and cool and funny sound effects! The blockheads look kind of funny, too.

You will control Prince Cannon and help him conquer the world. Knock evil kings, dragons and monsters in order to become the number 1 emperor of the worlds.


  • Nuke Ball to sweep the whole level.
  • Explosion Ballz to sweep an area.
  • HeatSeeker Ballz to target a single target.
  • Rapid Fire Duo and Trio Ballz to knock down barricades.

All in all, it is a whole different experience with cute little blockheads and I recommend you to try it out, you will not be able to leave your phone.