Popping Mania
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Popping mania is a funny and exciting Android game wherein your aim is to pop as much balloons as you can.

Popping Mania is a free bubble blasting game which you can play on your Android devices.

The biggest difference of this game from the other bubble blasting games is; instead of popping the balloons which are arranged in a line, you try to pop the balloons, which are handled by somebody else, with a slingshot and that make this Android game much more enjoyable.

You should be careful because you have limited shots and you have to pop a specific number of balloons in order to advance the level. Besides, you have to take an accurate aim and shoot to hit and pop the balloons with your slingshot. If you pop 6 different types of balloons you will get bonus points and some extra special powers.


  • Aim and blast as many balloons as you can by moving the shooter up and down with your slingshot.
  • How many balloons have been popped is shown at the bottom right corner.
  • Don't forget that you have limited number of shots.