Here you can find puzzle games

  1. Escape Action
    Escape Action
    You are a security expert and you find yourself stuck in a house full of mysteries. Can you solve the puzzles?
    Download Free - 6.5 MB
  2. Hack Ex
    Hack Ex
    Hack Ex is really a exciting game which requires players to hack others and transfer funds to their account.
    Download Free - 17 MB
    Line Pop is created by the same developers of LINE and brings a distinctive puzzle experience for all.
    Download Free - 21 MB
  4. IQ Test Camera Puzzle
    IQ Test Camera Puzzle
    In IQ Camera Puzzle, you can create hard-to-solve puzzles out of your photos.
    Download Free - 10 MB
  5. Fruit Labyrinth
    Fruit Labyrinth
    You need to find your way out while trying to collect items in a maze.
    Download Free - 15 MB
  6. Doodle Numbers Quiz
    Doodle Numbers Quiz
    The objective is clear in Doodle Numbers Quiz, just pair the numbers and eliminate them.
    Download Free - 26.1 MB
  7. Cloudy
    Cloudy is a funny and addictive puzzle game for Android users, where your main goal is to guide your plane without touching the clouds.
    Download Free - 2.9 MB
  8. MixWord
    MixWord is a distinctive puzzle game where you need to order letters to create meaningful words out of them.
    Download Free - 1.5 MB
  9. Breaking Blocks
    Breaking Blocks
    Breaking Blocks is a challenging puzzle game for Android users.
    Download Free - 14 MB
  10. Restroom Panic
    Restroom Panic
    Restroom Panic is a quiet challenging puzzle game that tests your reflexes.
    Download Free - 3 MB
  11. Colormania
    Colormania is a funny game which asks you to guess the correct colors of the images shown.
    Download Free - 41 MB
  12. Pop Star
    Pop Star
    Pop Star is an exciting game where your goal is to explode stars to get to the next level.
    Download Free - 4.6 MB

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