Here you can find puzzle games

  1. Graffiti Ball
    Graffiti Ball
    Graffiti Ball is a puzzle game which is offered for free and wrapped in a quiet interesting gameplay.
    Download Free - 22 MB
  2. Fruit Swipe!
    Fruit Swipe!
    Fruit Swipe is a challenging game to play. You need to match three fruit pieces together to explode them and clear the levels.
    Download Free - 3.5 MB
  3. Find Objects
    Find Objects
    Find Objects is a funny puzzle game where you need to find all of the objects listed.
    Download Free - 9.7 MB
  4. 5 Colors
    5 Colors
    5 Colors brings a fresh breeze to puzzle game category and it will definitely draw you in.
    Download Free - 15 MB
  5. Cheese Tower
    Cheese Tower
    Cheese Tower is an exciting and free puzzle game for Android users.
    Download Free - 6 MB
  6. Doctor X: Robot Labs
    Doctor X: Robot Labs
    You are required to fix broken down robots in this funny and free Android game.
    Download Free - 27 MB
  7. Fruitomania
    Fruitomania is a free Android puzzle game which resembles Candy Crush.
    Download Free - 30 MB
  8. What's the Brand
    What's the Brand
    What's the Brand is a funny game where you need to guess the brands correctly.
    Download Free - 5.8 MB
  9. 4 Pics 1 Movie!
    4 Pics 1 Movie!
    4 Pics 1 Movie! is a free movie trivia questions with pictures game for Android devices.
    Download Free - 50 MB
  10. Puzzle Cars
    Puzzle Cars
    Puzzle Cars is a free and funny Android game which your children will like the most.
    Download Free - 7.7 MB
  11. Panda Jam
    Panda Jam
    Panda Jam is a fun to play Android game where your purpose is to match colors and save the baby pandas.
    Download Free - 34 MB
  12. Tower Blocks
    Tower Blocks
    Tower Blocks is a funny yet challenging game for Android users.
    Download Free - 8.5 MB

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