System tools

Here you can find softwares for system maintenance.

  1. SuperB Cleaner
    SuperB Cleaner
    Super B Cleaner can boost and clean your phone!
    Download Free - 12 MB
  2. Clean Master
    Clean Master
    Helps you to clean your device from unnecessary files, deletes messages and ensures your personal information is safe.
    Download Free - 5.3 MB
  3. Elixir
    A useful application that gives info about your mobile device.
    Download Free - 1.5 MB
  4. Android Tools & Antivirus
    Android Tools & Antivirus
    A comprehensive security and privacy application for your Android devices.
    Download Free - 5.3 MB
  5. AVG Cleaner
    AVG Cleaner
    You can free up some space and have a smoother device with this handy app.
    Download Free - 1 MB
  6. The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean
    The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean
    Keep your Android device operates at its peak performance with this tool.
    Download Free - 2 MB
  7. Memory Booster
    Memory Booster
    Memory Booster is a free to use app that you can use for freeing up the memory of your Android mobile device.
    Download Free - 1.7 MB
  8. CPU-Z
    CPU-Z is a free to app that you can use to get all the information about your Android device's hardware.
    Download Free - 0.8 MB
  9. Kies Air
    Kies Air
    Kies Air is an application that enables you to easily manage contents saved on your device via PC internet or mobile browser using Wi-Fi technology.
    Download Free - 19 MB
  10. Android Device Manager
    Android Device Manager
    Android Device Manager is an official Google app for securing your Android devices.
    Download Free - 1.8 MB
  11. Volume Booster
    Volume Booster
    Volume Booster is a free to use Android app for maximizing all the sounds of your mobile devices.
    Download Free - 1 MB
  12. Tasker
    Tasker allows users to perform different tasks upon different event, location or time variables.
    Download Paid - 1 MB

In this category, you can find the most essential programs for your system. You can maintain your system, increase its performance and protect your digital security by using the programs in this category. These must-have programs are specially designed to optimize system performance and by doing so, they increase your PC's efficiency.