Warlords RTS: Strategy Game
  • Size58.00 MB
  • Editor Rating
  • Editor rating
  • License Free
  • Size 58.00 MB
  • Categories Strategy
  • Supported os versions Android 4.0 / Android 4.2 / Android 4.3
  • Developer Armor Games Inc

Warlords RTS is a free RTS game where your aim is to defeat enemies along on your way.

If you want to play free RTS game, Warlords RTS is just for you. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be played for free. However, the game also includes some in-app purchases which are not that essential unless you play in hardcore mode. There is no need to buy in-app purchases to make your progress faster and easier if you went for normal mode.

In the game, you are required to upgrade your army and your Warlord with magical items if you want to defeat your enemies. Keep in mind that you will face with the deadliest enemies and bosses as you make your way through. Don't forget to upgrade skills of your units. By the way, I recommend you to choose your units wisely since each of them has its own and distinctive abilities.


  • Build a massive army consists of deadly units
  • Upgrade your units and warlord as well as your camps
  • Defeat fierce enemy bosses along on your way
  • Watch for treasure chests and use your magical items wisely