About Us

en.softmonk.com is a download platform which collects and organizes software products in the market, and edits them accordingly to the needs of users. Softmonk.com is a branch of Tamindir.com, one of the most extensive technology and download platforms of Turkey.

Tamindir.com is owned by CNT Interactive, which was founded in Izmir, Turkey in 2006 by Caner Bayraktar. The corporation mainly specializes in Internet projects and content based websites. Besides Tamindir.com, CNT Interactive also owns Oyunkolu.com and Homepage.com.tr which are ones of the most preferred websites in Turkey. 

The main goal of Softmonk.com is to provide users information about the latest and recently updated software in the tech world. Visitors of this site are able to access to most of the popular software and information on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms. Each one of the softwares is reviewed and edited to maximize information efficiency by avoiding unnecessary data. Download links are mostly checked by an antivirus program to provide users safer download service. All software products on this site are categorized accordingly to their relevancy within each other.