2048 Number Puzzle Game
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Yet another addictive 2048 puzzle game.

2048 games are the most popular games of this year, we can say. This is yet another version of the same old game with a multiplayer option that you can download and play on your iOS mobile phones and tablets.

Almost everyone liked 2048 games, so many game developers designed one for it. It is a quite simple yet very challenging number puzzle game which you need to add up numbers to 2048 eventually. But it is not that easy as well.

You start with number 2 and add two 2's to make a 4. Then you add two 4's to make an 8 and it goes on like this. Also when you slide once, an empty box is filled with a new 2. It might sound complicated but once you start playing, you will see it is not that complex.


  • Night mode.
  • Multiplayer more.
  • Leaderboards.
  • Keep playing after 2048.
  • Classic and Beginner mode (undo).

Briefly, it is a complete brain teaser that you will play for hours and I recommend you to download and try it out.