Angry Birds Go!
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Angry Birds Go! is a free iPhone and iPad game that you'll race against pigs with well known hilariously angry birds!

Angry Birds franchise has been popular for years by now and the developer Rovio company is coloring the series with different stuff on each game. In the past, we have seen the birds fighting agains the evil Sith Empire and also we saw them in space against the pigs. But the concept of throwing the birds and shooting down the pigs has never been changed before.

This time, through the Angry Birds Go!, the series has renovated itself and comes with a different concept except the birds that we all love. So, now you throw the birds to beat the pigs in a race, in timings or in one to one competitions. There are many different race modes available in the game and I believe that you’ll like them a lot.

The graphics of the game are well designed and it is possible to say that everything is just in balance. Also, the sounds are the same for our birds but sounds of our race vehicles are added too. The animations are in harmony with other elements in the game so it gives kind of a natural feeling while playing the game.

Two different control options are provided. By tilting the device or tapping on the edges of the screen. I think that one of them will fit to most of our readers and these control options let you feel the race vehicle without any problems.

You can race with birds or pigs, race on many different tracks, use the special powers of your birds and upgrade your ride as well. Upgrades are done through the coins you have won in the game and also there are gems to be used for your special powers.

Rovio has not disappointed us with the Angry Birds Go! And you’ll not understand how the time passed on while playing the game. So, enjoy your ride and the birds!