Brainy Man
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Brainy Man brings a fresh breeze to word puzzle game category.

Brainy Man is based on simple structure yet it offers hours of fun for iOS users. In the game, players are required to find word puzzles before they run out of time. Thankfully, Brainy Man does not come with a single mode. The game is packed with multiple game modes to keep players excited with a vast of different gaming styles.

Classical Game mode consists of 60 seconds for each word. You are also limited for mistakes. If you make more than 7, game is over! There are more than 30.000 questions so be sure that the game will not over within a day.

If you go for Time Attack mode, you have to find the words asked within 180 seconds. Again, you are limited with 7 mistakes but this time you are allowed to proceed to the next level. However, if you couldn't find the right word, you'll get 0 point.

There is also two player game mode which you can play with your friends or family members. I am sure that most of the players will go for this mode. Furthermore, this game mode doesn't require an internet connection so you can play it anywhere, anytime. The rules of this mode are totally up to players. You can set the rules accordingly to your preferences and expectations.

Overall, Brainy Man comes one step forward for being an addictive iOS game for puzzle lovers. The graphics are good and go well with the overall concept. You can download this game for free!