Defender 2
  • Size15.30 MB
  • Editor Rating
  • Editor rating
  • License Free
  • Size 15.30 MB
  • Categories Action
  • Supported os versions iOS 4.3 / iOS 5.0 / iOS 5.1 / iOS 6.0 / iOS 7.0
  • Developer DroidHen

Defender 2 is the sequence game of the popular tower defense game; Defender for iPhone and iPad.

Defender 2 is a tower defense game that you can download and play on your iOS mobile phones and tablets. Defender 2 is the sequence game of Defender which was a really popular game that has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Defender has not been released for iOS but now ou can enjoy playing the second game on your iOS devices, too.

Defender 2 has been downloaded for 10 million times, I guess it's okay to say it is much more fun and exciting than its first game. The story and the gameplay is the same as the previous game. There are monsters attacking your castle and you have to defend it by throwing arrows to them. Many features added to the previous game like Lava moat and Magic Towers that makes the Defender much stronger.


  • Touch screen to shoot arrows.
  • Lava Moat to burns enemies
  • Magic Tower to provide MANA for spells.
  • Mana, Strength, Agility, Weapon, Power shot and Fatal blow remains.
  • Two game modes; Local and Battle.

If you played and liked Defender before, you will most certainly love Defender 2 and I recommend you to download and try it out.