Don't Steal My Banana
  • Size19.40 MB
  • Editor Rating
  • Editor rating
  • License Free
  • Size 19.40 MB
  • Categories Action
  • Supported os versions iOS 4.3 / iOS 5.0 / iOS 5.1 / iOS 6.0 / iOS 7.0
  • Developer Dragon Game Studio

Don't Steal My Banana is a free arcade game for iOS users.

Don't Steal My Banana is a simple yet challenging game for iOS devices and it brings hours of fun to players. In the game you need to aim your target precisely to be successful. The storyline also has a distinctive structure. There is a baby monkey who tries to protect his golden banana from everyone who attempts to steal it. As you can guess, this is not an easy task to manage since you will face with waves of intruders.

How to play?

  • Hold your finger on screen and load energy.
  • Release to throw bananas at attackers and shoot them.
  • Aim precisely to hit your target.

You also have to calculate the sufficient energy to hit your target. As you eliminate the intuders you will pass the levels quickly. You can also perform combos to earn extra points. As a whole, the game really stands out with its graphic quality and gameplay features. The game is packed with power-ups which you can use to increase your power and gain additional abilities.

Overall, if you are looking for an addictive game which offers hours of fun to action lovers, Don't Steal My Banana is just for you.