Dude Perfect
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  • Editor rating
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  • Size 46.20 MB
  • Categories Sports
  • Supported os versions iOS 5.1 / iOS 6.0 / iOS 7.0
  • Developer Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect brings a new dimension to basketball with its unique gameplay features.

Dude Perfect is a funny basketball game for iOS users. It brings a new dimension to basketball games. Thanks to its distinctive gameplay, Dude Perfect will draw you in. Prepare yourself for the craziest basketball experience!

In the game, you have 3 balls to make a shot. However, scoring is not that easy that you used to do on shiny hardwood floor of a basketball court. This game combines a conventional arcade style basketball with Angry Birds style gameplay. You need to release your ball towards a target basket. There are some other objects between you and scoring! You should take your aim carefully and precisely.

Controls are quiet simple and if you have played such game before, you will find it easy as cake. Just pull your finger from top to bottom, drag to aim and adjust power then release the ball. Physics are realistic so you need to practice to be master.

As the ball bounces around and hits objects, you will gain more points. After you shoot, you need to wait for the ball to stop.

When it comes to graphics, Perfect Duded promises cartoon-like graphics but you don't feel they are cheap. On the contrary, they are quiet professional.

It is possible to play single or multiplayer via local or online.