Flip Diving
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  • Editor rating
  • License Free
  • Size 194.00 MB
  • Categories Games
  • Supported os versions iOS 8.0
  • Developer Miniclip.com

If you feel yourself dull and bored from your office space the go dive with Flip Diving application without leaving work.

Have you ever tried to perform a flip dive without leaving your bed chair or where ever you are? Well, most probably you did not, maybe you never thought about it before. But please be sure Flip Diving is a game that will not tire you, but only excite you indoors and maybe outdoors as well. Here is a chance to try to flip dive while you are on your comfortable couch without the risk of splash burns on your back or your belly. The Flip Diving game has an excellent custom physics engine with animated rag doll physics Flip Diving is the most joyful and exciting game ever. You can absolutely experience the flips as is in the very real life, but only not in the water.

While playing Flip Diving, you can easily try various pikes, reverses and many more diving basics. As you can do in real life, you may have some different diving points as well. These distinctive points are various in Flip Diving stating from tree tops, boats or dangerous cliffs.

Flip Diving in real life is muscle and body structure controlling activity as in the game too. You are free to choose your character from a businessman to an athletic swimmer or a body builder. On the other hand, please be warned, every single character's body structure affects your diving skills and performances.

Flip Diving lets you brag about your professional achievement and success too. You can easily record your best shot of diving and send it your friends so that you may compete together to see who is the best ambitious flip diver enthusiast.