Lil' Kingdom
  • Size78.80 MB
  • Editor Rating
  • Editor rating
  • License Free
  • Size 78.80 MB
  • Categories Simulation
  • Supported os versions iOS 4.3 / iOS 5.0 / iOS 5.1 / iOS 6.0 / iOS 7.0
  • Developer Glu Mobile

You will build your own underground kingdom in this tycoon style game.

Lil' Kingdom is a tycoon style simulation game that you can download and play on your iPhone and iPads. In this game you will dig deep in the underground and build your magnificient kingdom and your own castle in the deep and fill your castle with your citizens.

There are many similarities with games like Tiny Tower like the existing levels that you have to pass and the several types of residents that each one of them has their own distinctive features. Also there is not a limited time so you can wait for your residents to collect items. But there are some differences, too. For example in this one you can produce baby dragons in this one, and that's pretty cool! These dragons can help you fill your stocks, too. There is also a princess in the castle that will give you some missions and if you can fulfill them in time, she will reward you with collectibles.

The graphics of the game is really impressive. There are many fun animations and movements that you can observe while playing and everything is very detailed. The sounds are also very nice and makes the game shine much more.

All in all, with its beautiful graphics, sounds and addictive gameplay, it is a intriguing game that you can play for a very long time.