Pocket Frogs
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Pocket Frogs allows you to breed, trade and collect frogs to create your own frog habitat.

Pocket Frogs is a distinctive game created for iOS users. In this game, players should discover, collect, trade and breed over 35000 unique frogs. Sounds really interesting. Most striking feature of the game is, it also establishes a network between players and allows them to trade their fogs in order to have the missing ones. It is possible to play Pocket Frogs offline. So, you don't have to have an internet connection.

As you trade frogs and complete your collection, you will receive awards for your achievenements. There are over 60 challenging awards to be completed. As said before, Pocket Frogs also establishes a network between its players. Thus, you can also visit your friends' habitats and view their ecosystem. There are also rare frogs which can hardly be found. So, don't forget to take a deep view upon the habitats of your friends. You may find something interesting.

Main features;

  • Trade frogs and collect the rare ones
  • Offline and online play
  • Customize and decorate your frog habitat
  • Win awards by completing achievements
  • Retina graphics along with vivid colors
  • Breed, trade and collect frogs