Running Fred
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Running Fred brings you the excitement of running from a creature behind you, waiting you to make a mistake!

Running Fred is another running game where you need to dodge the obstacles, collect the coins and jump over the gaps as usual. Unlike the previous versions, our friends Fred is now running and trying to defeat the death!

Tasks may sound easy and ordinary but the gameplay and graphics add a distinctive atmosphere to the game. Control mechanism has a good response time and this is quiet important in such games where precision is everything! Just tilt your device to dodge obstacles and collect the coins. These coins can purchase you some upgrades which might come in handy. By the way, you have something behind you, waiting you to make a wrong move to catch you. So, you'd better run fast.

Running Fred is packed with several games such as the basic, adventure, challenge and survival. You can make your selection depending on your mood and time you have. If you want to break your personal record, you should go for survival, which lasts for ever. The graphics are more than satisfactory. There is much blood and realistic death effects like the other games of Fred.