Here you can find games.

  1. Uplay
    A comprehensive digital game platform developed by Ubisoft.
    Download Free - 37.2 MB
  2. Rayman Fiesta Run
    Rayman Fiesta Run
    Be prepared for an epic journey with Rayman!
    Download Paid - 92.8 MB
  3. Tiny Thief
    Tiny Thief
    Point-and-click game that brings a bunch of clevery designed levels along with an exciting gameplay.
    Download Free - 64.9 MB
  4. Tap Paradise Cove
    Tap Paradise Cove
    You will build a magnificent colony on a tropical island and make it your personal paradise.
    Download Free - 55.6 MB
  5. Online Soccer Manager
    Online Soccer Manager
    You can now fulfill your dreams of being a football manager with this fun game.
    Download Free - 95.8 MB
  6. Talking Tom Cat
    Talking Tom Cat
    Talking Tom Cat will be one of your best friends on your mobile.
    Download Free - 21.6 MB
  7. Cooking Dash
    Cooking Dash
    Fast-paced and addictive game for those who love cooking.
    Download Free - 44.8 MB
  8. Temple Run
    Temple Run
    Just run and escape. You'll find out how fun it is.
    Download Free - 30.4 MB
  9. Carmageddon
    You have to kill all pedestrians with your car and leave none alive.
    Download Paid - 113 MB
  10. The Croods
    The Croods
    Play with the first modern family of the earth and build a world for them.
    Download Free - 30.5 MB
  11. Word Monsters
    Word Monsters
    You can compete against friends and other players around the world in this social puzzle game.
    Download Free - 34.7 MB
  12. Star Wars: Assault Team
    Star Wars: Assault Team
    A card-based combat game that you can download for free to iOS devices.
    Download Free - 89.3 MB

In this section, you can find games to have fun accordingly to your preferences.