Here you can find games.

  1. Tons of Guns
    Tons of Guns
    Tons of Guns is an aim and shoot game for iPhone and iPad.
    Download Free - 135 MB
  2. Gunner Z
    Gunner Z
    Gunner Z is a creepy game where your aim is to slay zombies.
    Download Free - 249 MB
  3. Snake XT Lite
    Snake XT Lite
    Snake XT Lite is the modern version of the popular Snake game once was available on Nokia phones.
    Download Free - 18.5 MB
  4. Dinorama
    Dinorama is an educational game for children where they should manage a park full of cute animals.
    Download Free - 44.8 MB
  5. Infectonator
    A funny zombie game with pixel-art graphics.
    Download Paid - 25.9 MB
  6. The Impossible Line
    The Impossible Line
    The goal of The Impossible Line is to draw a line without touching the moving objects.
    Download Free - 23.3 MB
  7. Dragon Finga
    Dragon Finga
    Dragon Finga offers a unique controlling mechanism along with a funny gameplay.
    Download Free - 45.8 MB
  8. Save Our Village
    Save Our Village
    Save Our Village is a fun game to play wherein your goal is to rebuild the savaged village.
    Download Free - 24.3 MB
  9. Chess
    Chess has a sleek design and a bunch of handy features for chess lovers.
    Download Free - 26.6 MB
  10. Slice It! Begins
    Slice It! Begins
    In this game, you need to slice shapes into two equal pieces.
    Download Free - 18.7 MB
  11. Cure John
    Cure John
    An absolutely addicting game where you attempt to cure John.
    Download Paid - 51.7 MB
  12. Casino League
    Casino League
    Enjoy the intense competition of Texas Hold 'Em! poker.
    Download Free - 39 MB

In this section, you can find games to have fun accordingly to your preferences.