Here you can find games.

  1. Pocket Mine
    Pocket Mine
    Pocket Mine is an addictive game where your purpose is to dig ground and find precious materials.
    Download Free - 45.7 MB
  2. Fluffy Golf
    Fluffy Golf
    Fluffy Golf is a golf game, spiced up with a distinctive gameplay.
    Download Paid - 38.4 MB
  3. Idiot Test
    Idiot Test
    If you are looking for a tricky puzzle game, Idiot Test is just for you!
    Download Free - 11.2 MB
  4. Perfect Kick
    Perfect Kick
    Perfect Kick is an addictive penalty shootout game where you compete with other players worldwide.
    Download Free - 42.4 MB
  5. Puzzle Craft
    Puzzle Craft
    Puzzle Craft is quiet different than the other puzzle games. You need to establish a village and grow it!
    Download Free - 30.5 MB
  6. Monster Truck Destruction
    Monster Truck Destruction
    Monster Truck Destruction blends action and racing experience for iOS users!
    Download Free - 98 MB
  7. Amazing Runner
    Amazing Runner
    Amazing Runner is a running game that offers overdose of action.
    Download Free - 60 MB
  8. Paper Racer
    Paper Racer
    Paper Racer allows you to draw your car onto a piece of paper and join races with it!
    Download Free - 150 MB
  9. Space is Key
    Space is Key
    Space is Key is a simple yet addictive game, packed with tons of challenging levels.
    Download Free - 28.1 MB
  10. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is one of the best FPS games on the market.
    Download Paid - 1017 MB
  11. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit
    Grand Theft Auto: iFruit
    iFruit is a must to have application for die hard GTA V players.
    Download Free - 444 MB
  12. War Kingdoms
    War Kingdoms
    War Kingdoms is a real time strategy game, wherein thousands of people join massive battles and interact with each other.
    Download Free - 20.8 MB

In this section, you can find games to have fun accordingly to your preferences.