Here you can find security and protection programs.

  1. Sticky Password
    Sticky Password
    A strong, reliable and cross platform password management application.
    Download Trial - 5 MB
  2. Secure Photo+Video Free
    Secure Photo+Video Free
    Secure Photo+Video Free is a free to use iPhone and iPad application to protect your image files.
    Download Free - 8.2 MB
  3. Hotspot Shield VPN
    Hotspot Shield VPN
    Download the latest version of Hotspot Shield to hide your IP address, unbloc restricted sites and have a securer browsing experience.
    Download Free - 7.5 MB
  4. avast! SecureLine VPN
    avast! SecureLine VPN
    avast! SecureLine VPN is a free to use VPN app for iPhone and iPad users.
    Download Free - 7.4 MB
  5. Express VPN
    Express VPN
    Express VPN is one of the most preferred VPN apps out there.
    Download Free - 4.9 MB
  6. KYMS Free
    KYMS Free
    KYMS Free is a secure file locker application for iPhone and iPad users to hide their personal files.
    Download Free - 37 MB
  7. Free VPN
    Free VPN
    The internet is full of dangers, so, you'd better to use a reliable application for online activities.
    Download Free - 6.5 MB
  8. HideMyAss! Pro VPN
    HideMyAss! Pro VPN
    HideMyAss! Pro VPN ensures the utmost safety for iOS users while they're browsing the net.
    Download Free - 3.2 MB
  9. TunnelBear VPN
    TunnelBear VPN
    Tunnelbear VPN is a free to use VPN service that you can download to your iOS devices.
    Download Free - 30.7 MB
  10. VPN Express
    VPN Express
    Users can use this free VPN service against the restrictions of governments for certain websites.
    Download Free - 3.4 MB
  11. Photo Guard
    Photo Guard
    Photo Guard offers an easy way of keeping photos safely.
    Download Free - 6.4 MB
  12. Master Password
    Master Password
    You can keep your passwords safe with this application.
    Download Free - 8.1 MB

Protect your system from malicious software types, such as sSpyware, virus and worms. There are many threats on the digital world that damage your PC's health and risk your security. You can avoid these threats by using a strong security software. For this reason we've listed a numerous functional antivirus programs including Avast, AVG and Avira which are mostly preferred by people who wants to keep their system secure.