• Size16.90 MB
  • Editor Rating
  • Editor rating
  • License Free
  • Size 16.90 MB
  • Categories Arcade
  • Supported os versions iOS 5.0 / iOS 5.1 / iOS 6.0 / iOS 7.0
  • Developer OoO studio

SpeedMoto is a challenging and fun motorcycle game for iPhone and iPad.

SpeedMoto is a challenging game but it is not simply a racing game but is a Temple Run kind of running game but with a motorcycle. You can download and play it on your iOS devices.

It is a game combines the elements of both running game and a racing game. The more you hold your finger on the screen the faster your motorcycle goes. The similarities with a running game is that you have to go as far as you can without falling off your bike and on the way you will try to collect coins to increase your score and purchase extra bikes with them.

The similarities to a racing game is that you also have to outrun all the other vehicles without hitting them by tilting your device. The gameplay is enjoyable and addictive because you always want to beat your high score but I can not say the same thing about the graphics and the soundtrack. The graphics of the game are a little crude and not polished at all.

Also, even though it is a free game, you can use the in-app purchase to buy extra items and bikes with real money, too. All in all, it is a fun game but it needs a little care to its graphics and sounds.