Titan Downloader
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iOS users can download videos from various sources and store them safely in their devices.

Titan Downloader, as its name clearly indicates is a tool that iOS users can use to download videos from various online sources and play them without requiring an additional media player. The application draws attention for bringing additional features along with video downloading and playing abilities.

The application has support for mp4, m4v, mov, mpeg, m3u8, flv, swf, wav and rmvb formats. Thanks to its advanced video browsing features, such as bookmark manager, users don't have to engage with complicated settings and adjustments to download videos. In order to initiate the downloading progress, you just need to tap on download button. 

The app is capable of downloading videos quickly and without causing any problem. Luckily, Titan Downloader allows users to initiate multiple downloads at the same time. Users can resume, pause and cancel downloading process. Also, it is possible to track downloading progress using the live download progress bar.

If you want to store your videos safely, you can lock your files with a passcode and create your own secret collection. The app has support for portrait and landscape modes as well. You can switch between these modes according to your preferences.