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UltraTube is a video player to be used on iPhone and iPad devices.

UltraTube is a free to download video player which can be used on iPhone and iPad devices to watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. If you need an additional video player to play videos on the most popular video streaming sites.

This application does not only allow users to watch videos from those sites stated above, it also helps users to create playlists, manage, synchronize and browse for videos in a quick way. This handy application lets users browse videos in three streaming sites at the same time. The list of your search of will consist of the results from three sites indicated above.

UltraTube allows users to sync their playlists on multiple devices. As you log in to application with your username, the playlist you have created will automatically be synchronized. Also, the songs in playlists can easily be managed by drag and drop method.