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Ultravisual iPhone and iPad app is for free and used to manage photos and videos on your device.

Ultravisual application is for iOS devices and lets users to manage all their photos and videos from one place. It is kind of a gallery collection app and used for free. The good design of the app will let you manage photos easily and you'll see its difference from similar apps which you just add your photos in random order and categorization.

When you wish to add photos to the app, you just select a theme and create a collection. You can even add other users to your collection and so they'll be able to add their photos and videos inside too. Following people and getting followed is possible too. 

Also, watching and exploring videos is quite nice in Ultravisual. As you scroll the page through, the videos will be previewed and you'll be able to see the details. If you wish to take the videos and photos inside the app, just use the camera instantly and they'll be uploaded to the service.

It is such a complete pack to manage all videos and photos. So you'll not be disappointed with all its photo effects and video editing options as well.