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You can add distinctive video effects to your videos with this free video editor.

Videoshop is a free to download iOS application which you can use to edit videos and make them look distinctive. If you don't want to leave your videos as they are and want to make little touches on them, this application is just for you. Of course, don't expect something professional like the ones you are accustomed to use on desktop computers.

This free to use video editor packs a set of handy functions to let users apply different effects to their videos. Adding slow motion effect, trimming videos to cut unwanted moments, adding subtitles are just a few examples for the features included. Apart from these, Videoshop also allows users to add sound effects and animated titles to videos. Therefore, you can title your videos and create professional looking projects with a few simple steps.

Other features;

  • Add transitions between scenes
  • Add photos to videos or create slideshows out of your photos
  • Stop motion effect
  • Social media integration to let users share their videos on popular platforms
  • Reverse, copy and trim videos

If you are looking for a straightforward video editor to be used on iOS devices freely, Videoshop is what I recommend.